This afternoon I had the wonderful opportunity of working at my Writing Genres portfolio in the Bar Convent’s library. There is something very special in writing in the library of a very old building, surrounded by dusty old books and decades and decades of history. Probably because I am working on historical material for my portfolio, I was very aware of the environment while I was writing, and it was deeply inspirational. I wrote around 500 words and then I just reflected on why I decided to engage with historical material, and war history in particular. I realised that what sparked my interest in the material was the fact that the historical facts I was researching were absent from history books.
The experience of writing about something forgotten to bring it back to life is great. But having the opportunity to write about it while sat in a library/archive that celebrates memory is even better.

You can find out more about the Bar Convent’s projects at or follow on Twitter @barconventyork

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